Council and Faculty Advisors

Laura Kim
MUS President
Using the 2017-2020 MUS Strategic Plan as the backbone for the year, my role as president is to set the direction for the council, as well as to represent the MUS at various levels within the faculty and to external stakeholders. My goals for the year include advocating for unmatched UBC medical graduates, improving the MUS' governance structure, and ensuring the MUS is running efficiently and effectively.

Daphne Lu
Past President

Donna Liao
Vice President Finance Sr.

Jennifer Ham
Vice President Finance Jr.

Willow Thickson
Indigenous Health Officer

Amy Kim
Vice President IMP
My roles include managing the MUS budget for all students in the Island Medical Program, being in good communication with the four class presidents to ensure that class needs are being met, and collaborating with the class council to ensure that all traditional IMP events occur. So far, I have worked with the class council to organize various events such as the welcome back BBQ and the site visit, and have been regularly participating in the monthly MUS meetings. Going forward, I am planning on continuing the above roles, as well as creating a transition document that will allow the next VP IMP to ease into his/her role.

Brianna Crighton
Vice President IMP Social

Laura Howlett
Vice President NMP
As MUS VP NMP, one of my primary responsibilities is managing the NMP budget and since I have a bit of a reputation for finding good deals (or being thrifty, same thing), I’m quite sure I can make our budget go far! This year, my main goal is to improve the student experience. Some of the main areas I am focusing on to do this are through supporting student wellness initiatives, expanding shadowing experiences and interdisciplinary opportunities at NMP, and exploring ways to improve MSAC facilities at the University Hospital of Northern BC. I often work closely with Rebecca in organizing social events and our joint goal is to improve and expand relations between sites and between different classes at NMP. Additionally, the 2019 NMP student leadership established strong role clarity and collaboration and this is something that we hope to continue to build on.

Rebecca Afford
Vice President NMP Social
I'm Rebecca, the NMP VP Social. I work closely alongside Laura, the MUS NMP VP, to 1. encourage site interconnectivity by allocating travel funding for all NMP students (part-time accountants) and 2. organize annual site-specific events such as the Site Visit, Car Rally, and NMP Ball (part-time party planners). For the aforementioned events, we are encouraging student participation by creating subcommittees. In this role, I am also involved with apparel orders such as the "spirit animal" t-shirts for the incoming class as well as our NMP-specific apparel. This year, we are hoping to create opportunities for inter-year socialization by scheduling events when all 4 classes are in Prince George. Furthermore, Laura and I are working toward being transparent with budgeting so students are aware of funding distribution. Moreover, I am working towards creating cohesion by supporting the NMP Class Council Socials’ events and encouraging more community outreach efforts.

Rosie Mazzola
Vice President SMP

Stephanie Schindler
Vice President SMP Social

Tony Chae
Year I President
As the Year 1 Class President, I am honoured to be an advocate for the class of 2021, by acting as a liaison between my fantastic class and the wonderful faculty of UBC Medicine, MUS and other third parties. My goal as the class president is to help create opportunities that will allow our class to explore our great potential for personal and professional development. Currently, I am closely working with my amazing council to contribute in the improvement of the medical undergraduate program, facilitate social networking events, and support the health and well-being of our student body. I am also looking forward to getting involved in the admissions interview weekends and facilitating the orientation events for the new intake of medical students in 2018. Looking forward to meeting and connecting with you all!

Maichael Thejoe
Year II President

Michael Rizzuto
Year III President
To all new and returning students, welcome to the UBC Medical Undergraduate Program! I am exceedingly honoured to have the opportunity to represent the Class of 2019 as the Class President. Throughout my term, I have worked in tandem with the Class Executive, the Medical Undergraduate Society, Student Affairs, the Directors of the Renewed Curriculum as well as numerous other faculty members to improve numerous facets of the UBC MDUP Renewed Curriculum and overall student quality of life. The focus of my term in Year 3 is to connect with students and faculty to refine the delivery of the Renewed Year 3 Clerkship with an emphasis on student wellness, appropriate examination and meaningful feedback on performance. My door is always open, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any quips, qualms or queries. P&L.

Michael Gallea
Year IV President
It has been a privilege to serve as your Class President for the past four years, and I look forward to navigating our final year of medical school together in the coming months. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

John Liu
Vice President Internal
As VP Internal, I oversee the Clubs Representative and deal with matters with respect to club registration, renewal, and Club's Night. I also organize all elections and by-elections. Additionally, I organize Career's Night - an annual event for UBC Medical Students in the MSAC where every UBC Residency Program comes to provide information about their residency programs. More specifically this year, I am spearheading a Governance Task Force, which is aimed at restructuring the MUS, and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of all
the executive and general members of the MUS.

Nikunj Patel
Sports Director

Chloe Lim
Clubs Rep
As Clubs representative, I act as a liaison between our student body and the MUS clubs. I help new clubs navigate through the application process as well as allocate funding for all the clubs. This year, I have collaborated with the MSAC Ambassadors as well as the MSAC Operating Manager to facilitate fair process for formation of new clubs. I look forward to planning Clubs Night in the September.

Kingsley Shih
Vice President External Sr.
I, along with Jas, represent the UBC MUS on several committees and boards including the Doctors of BC Board, the Resident Doctors of BC board, and at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. Our portfolio works to create collaborative projects and opportunities that benefit medical students and our partners alike. These include initiatives such as Caffeinate a Resident, the Residents’ Library, and the Doctors of BC Initiative Grants. In addition, we always strive to increase medical student representation in our external partners.
If you have any ideas regarding medical student advocacy or opportunities that you would like to see with external partners, please drop me a line!

Jas Hans
Vice President External Jr.

Abhi Cherukupalli
Vice President Sponsor & Donor Relations Sr.

Colin Tan
Vice President Sponsor & Donor Relations Jr.
Hi everyone! My name is Colin, and I am ecstatic to be serving as your MUS VP Sponsor and Donor Relations Jr. for this year. Here at UBC medicine, we have so many opportunities going on. Whether it’s curricular or extra-curricular, at the MSAC or out in the city, funding lies at the crux of our activities. My role is to coordinate, advocate, and serve as a liaison with faculty and external organizations, in order to garner a sustainable flow of funding to enable our student community to flourish. In a previous life, I’ve had a similar role at McMaster University working with community partners, as well as regularly attempting to convince people why it is better to live in beautiful BC (minus having an NBA team, among an infinitesimal list of reasons).

Qadeem Salehmohamed
Senator (Medicine)
Senate is the highest academic governing body at UBC. Elected faculty members form the majority of senators at UBC, but several spots are allocated for student representatives. As the student senator from the Faculty of Medicine, it is my job to advocate for medical students within senate. Part of my job as a senator is to sit in different committees. I am a member of the Admissions Committee and the Student Appeals on Academic Discipline Committee.

Stephanie Norman
AMS Representative
I am a second year VFMP student, and my role is to represent the interest of medical students and the MUS at the Alma Mater Society (AMS: UBC wide council with the other faculties). I then notify the MUS of any proceedings of the AMS that impact medical students or the society. I am looking forward to meeting the representatives from other faculties and collaborating with them in discussions regarding campus-wide decisions.

Maya Rosenkrantz
Vice President Communications Sr.
As VP Communications Sr., I oversee all of the MUS' communications within the society. Along with the VP Communications Jr., we fulfill many of the council's administrative tasks. From arranging MUS meetings, agenda, and minutes to compiling the bi-weekly MUS Newsletter (the MUSeletter), our email accounts are never boring... This year, our portfolio has also started an initiative to improve intra-council communication through Slack! Our goal is to make sure students are informed about what's going on in our community and no student misses an opportunity to get involved.

Isaac Rodin
Vice President Communications Jr.
I work with the VP Communications Sr. and help oversee all of the MUS' communications. I am basically the "Vp Communications Sr in training", and hopefully by next year I will be ready to take on the torch! My goal is to improve communication within the society, make sure there is equitable communication and input from all sites, and make everyone smile with the GIFs in the newsletter.
Ge Shi
Information Technology Officer Sr.
This year I hope our communications with medical students via website, newsletter, or listserv emails will be streamlined, user-friendly, and visually appealing. With my trusty Jr., Jeffrey, we'll work to tackle anything tech that could possible go wrong, and make things that are working well, even better.

Jeffrey Chan
Information Technology Officer Jr.
My vision is to graphically streamline the MUS website, rendering it a helpful and user-friendly hub of information for students, sponsors, and the public.

Under the guidance of the fearless Sr. Officer Ge Shi, I am confident that the IT Office will push into brave, new frontiers in 2018.

Karan D'Souza
Vice President Academic Sr.

Cirisse Stephen
Vice President Communications Jr.

Michelle Ng
Vice President Global Health Sr.
Hello! I am excited to be your VP Global Health Sr. and to work with the rest of the fantastic Global Health team here. I grew up in Burnaby and completed my BSc. in Pharmacy at UBC. My previous experiences have involved health services and community outreach projects in Southeast Asia. I have also worked with a NGO that organizes service-learning opportunities for students. I am passionate about promoting a critical understanding of global health issues, active student involvement in local and international health initiatives, and collaboration with other health care disciplines. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my role, or about how to become involved!

Christine Liu
Vice President Global Health Jr..
The role of Global Health Jr helps to manage a portfolio of Global Health clubs and projects. We aim to encourage collaboration between clubs to promote education about issues surrounding global health.

Tanjot Singh
Chair of the Political Advocacy Committee
I am the Chair of the Political Advocacy Committee. The PAC organizes a Provincial Lobby day each year. This year, we’re focusing our advocacy efforts on Youth Mental Health. The PAC produces a policy statement and meets with government members to advocate for our communities. This year, we’re also hoping to host some politically topical events. We’re a branch of the CFMS Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee, where we participate in national level advocacy. Send me an email if you’re interested in joining us!

Dr Bruce Fleming
Faculty Advisor

Dr. Harvey Lui
Faculty Advisor.