Council and Faculty Advisors

Daphne Lu
MUS President
I am thrilled, excited, and absolutely honoured to serve as the 2016-17 MUS President. As MUS President, my role is to guide the strategic vision of MUS, preside over MUS meetings, and represent students to faculty and external organizations such as the CFMS. My vision for this year includes developing a strategic plan to prioritize our society’s goals, improve support for student-led initiatives, engage in discussion with faculty and administration on student academic concerns, and continue to foster strong partnerships with our interprofessional health colleagues and other medical schools across Canada. At the end of the day, I am here to represent your voice so if you have questions, concerns, or just want to say ‘hi’ – please don’t think twice! A little bit about me: I grew up in the Lower Mainland. I completed a degree in Cell and Developmental Biology at UBC. I have a fond admiration for the French language.

Eric Zhao
Past President

The MUS exists for you. Please get in touch with any questions/suggestions. As Past President, I want to highlight just a few of the major milestones from 2014-2015.

We revamped the VP Academic Portfolio, helped with accreditation site visits, and founded the Medical Education Committee. We advocated for National Pharmacare at the Legislature and pushed for the student vote on the Doctors of BC Presidency. We began planning to host Ice Bowl 2017. We successfully ran the first ever UBC Global Health Conference. We overhauled our communications and initiated the MUS newsletter, significantly reducing email burden. We celebrated Dr. Hardwick’s 44 years as MUS Faculty Advisor, and recruited Drs. Harvey Lui and Bruce Fleming to succeed him in 2017. We are now working towards MUS’s first ever long term strategic plan.

Major thanks to Council for accomplishments across portfolios. I am excited to continue serving medical student interests this year.

Qadeem Salehmohamed
Vice President Finance Sr.
Hi everyone! I am honoured to be serving as Vice President of Finance Sr. this year! I have spent most of my life in the Lower Mainland, but four years ago, I left to do my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Eventually, I got tired of the cold so I am very excited to be back here. I have been involved with student government in university residence for most of my university career. Previously, I have served as Vice President of Kelsey Hall in the
Lister Hall Students’ Association. This year, my responsibilities include drafting the budget, as well as handling reimbursements, and generally help out with any finance-related tasks. If you have any questions about my role, please feel free to approach me!

Donna Liao
Vice President Finance Jr.
Hi Everyone! I’m excited to be your VP Finance Jr. for this academic year. With a Master in Management, I landed a job with a Fortune 500 company before coming to UBC. Moving from Toronto to the west coast has been one of the best decisions I have made. While I enjoy the scenery and hiking this year, I am also responsible for assisting the VP Finance Sr. with drafting the budget and handling reimbursements. Please feel free to reach out to me for questions regarding finance.

Samuel Harder
Vice President IMP

Charles-David Clayton
Vice President IMP Social
Hey folks, my name is Charles, Chucky, Charlie (whatever works), and I'm a proud islander and IMP-er. I grew up in Nanaimo and attended VIU where I completed my B.Sc. specializing in molecular/cellular biology. I played competitive hockey and lacrosse growing up (plus various highschool sports), and always had various extracurricular activities on the go. Similar to many islanders/IMP-ers (just read their bios), I was raised with an appreciation for  the outdoors, and continue to love adventuring and exploring nature. Relating to med school and my future specialty, I am still narrowing my specialty differential, but I have a keen interest in the primary prevention of disease through exercise, diet, and lifestyle modifications, and know that this will be a significant part of my future practice. I am also a strong believer in maintaining a healthy work/school-life balance, and try to advocate for this balance among my peers. Cheers!

Kyle Irvine
Vice President NMP
My role is to allocate funding to NMP students to help them take part in activities both in Prince George and around the world. We have a focus on connecting the NMP to the other sites. The NMP social and I have planned a trip for the upcoming 2020 class to visit PG and meet the faculty and tour the campus and hospital.

Marie Jones
Vice President NMP Social
Hi my name is Marie, I am a second year student in the NMP! My main role as the NMP VP Social is to work with Kyle the NMP VP to connect the students in all years of the NMP program. This year my two biggest priorities are organizing the 1st year site visit where we bring the first year students up to Prince George in the first semester to welcome and orient them to the program, and also the NMP Ball in the spring. Being part of the MUS is a great way to stay connected with the other sites as well and contribute to the conversations that affect all students of the medical program. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or suggestions!

Jake Blanco
Vice President SMP
As MUS SMP VP I am the Southern Medical Programs representative in the MUS. This year I am aiming to improve communication and relations between the different cohorts at SMP!
Becca MacLean-Angus
Vice President SMP Social

Maichael Thejoe
Year I President
My goals this year are to work with you and the 2020 class council to ensure that you have the best year possible. I will advocate for your needs at the faculty level and within MUS, and keep you in the loop on important issues. I will work with class council to organize events for everyone to enrich your time here, and work with academic program staff on your behalf. I was born and raised on UBC’s campus and attended UBC for my BSc and MPH. In my time here, I’ve served as an elected representative at the Science Undergraduate Society, Alma Mater Society, and Graduate Student Society. Last year, I was Co-chair of the Public Health Graduate Student Association that represented 300 graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine. Student government and advocacy is something I’m passionate about, and I look forward to serving you as Year 1 President!

Michael Rizzuto
Year II President
To all new and returning students, welcome to the UBC Medical Program! I am exceedingly honoured to have the opportunity to represent the Class of 2019 as the
Class President over Years 1 & 2. Throughout my term, I have worked in tandem with the Class Executive, the Medical Undergraduate Society, Student Affairs, the Directors of the Renewed Curriculum as well as numerous other faculty members to improve numerous facets of the UBC MDUP Renewed Curriculum and overall student quality of life. The focus of my term in Year 2 is to ensure my colleagues are well prepared to enter the realm of clinical learning. I am connecting with students and faculty to refine the delivery of the Renewed Year 3 Clerkship with an emphasis on student wellness, appropriate examination and meaningful feedback on performance. My door is always open, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any quips, qualms or queries. P&L

Maichael Gallea
Year III President
As Year III Class President, I will continue to support and advocate for our class. Clerkship can be a difficult year and our connectedness is limited, but I promise to be a listening ear to those who need it, and an obnoxious friend to those who don't. We can do this!

Saima Ali
Year IV President
As representative of the Class of 2017 my aims are to support students as they navigate CaRMS and to keep students connected to each other and our tight knit
medical community while maintaining a balanced, healthy life. I sit on various committees to help advocate for the interests of the general student body and create
change that will be sustainable for the future classes.

Amrit Jhajj
Vice President Internal
I grew up in Surrey and completed my BSc in Biology at UBC. I am excited to serve as VP Internal. My duties include overseeing student led initiatives, planning Career’s Night, creating and implementing a MUS Strategic Plan, and running MUS council elections. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Subin Punnen
Sports Director
Hello everyone! I'm happy to serve as this year’s sports director! My role will be to ensure there is a strong link between the students and UBC Recreation. In addition, I am in charge of organizing faculty wide athletic events as well as ensuring the continued operation of our wonderful MSAC gym. My goals for this year are to ensure increased participation in recreation sports and organizing the IceBowl hockey tournament. Its going to be awesome. If anyone ever has any athletically related concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!
Kathy Lee
Clubs Rep
Hi everyone! I was born in Korea and came to study in Canada in Grade 7. I was really shy and still struggling with language barrier during my first year of undergrad, but involvement in different clubs and teams (including ULTIMATE) helped me overcome these barriers. I am really excited to be the liaison between the clubs and the student body. I hope that my work can facilitate the establishment and development of new and existing clubs, so that we can all find our niche and have a safe community within which to practice self-care! If you have awesome ideas for a new club or have questions in general, shoot me a message on Facebook or email me.

Kingsley Shih
Vice President External Sr.
I, along with Laura, represent the UBC MUS on several committees and boards including the Doctors of BC Board, the Resident Doctors of BC board, and at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. Our portfolio works to create collaborative projects and opportunities that benefit medical students and our partners alike. These include initiatives such as Caffeinate a Resident, the Residents’ Library, and the Doctors of BC Initiative Grants. In addition, we always strive to increase medical student representation in our external partners. Last year, there was a significant push for the medical student vote in Doctors of BC elections, and this is something that we will continue to advocate for. If you have any ideas regarding medical student advocacy or opportunities that you would like to see with external partners, please drop me a line!

Laura Kim
Vice President External Jr.
Hi everyone! My name is Laura, and I am a second year medical student at VFMP. I am very excited to be serving as VP External for the MUS this year. As VP Ex Jr, I have the opportunity to liaise with the Canadian Medical Association and Resident Doctors of BC in order to communicate medical student interests. I am also involved with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, where I have the chance to collaborate with and learn from medical students across the country. An Ontario native, I grew up in Waterloo with my four younger sisters, and completed my BSc at McGill University before converting to the west coast life style in Vancouver. I'm an avid Masterchef viewer, a novice level knitter, and will always be a ballerina at heart.

Abhi Cherukupalli
Director of Sponsor and Donor Relations
As the sponsorship representative for the MUS, my role involves liaising with external parties who wish to support UBC medical student initiatives. This includes approving and rallying for funding from external organizations, as well as interacting with the Faculty to support student funding opportunities. So far I have worked to provide sufficient funding for events this semester and hope to continue this throughout the year. My other initiatives include the creation of UBC MUS Sponsorship Policies in coordination with the Faculty, as well as an official sponsorship package that can be used by student groups to gather funding to support their events.

Taneille Johnson
Senator (Medicine)
Daud Akhtar
AMS Representative
Hello Everyone! My name is Daud and it is my pleasure to serve you as your AMS representative for the upcoming year. As your AMS representative it is my responsibility to liaison with the AMS in regards to the needs of medical students. I attend meetings and participate in external affairs that affect both the campus as whole and medical students specifically. Please feel free to bring any concerns you have during your time at UBC to me!

Cissy Yi
Vice President Communications Sr.
The VP Communications is a new position created to address the growing communication needs of the UBC medical student community.
This expanded portfolio includes managing the MUS newsletter and events calendar; helping direct new opportunities for students to connect. Looking forward to working with all of you in this upcoming year, and definitely feel free to address any suggestions my way!

Maya Rosenkrantz
Vice President Communications Jr.
I am honoured to serve as MUS VP Communications Jr. during my first year of medical school! As VP Communications, I serve to facilitate efficient and effective communication within the UBC MDUP community, as well as between students and the MUS. I am always eager to help answer any administrative questions you may have or share any of your messages with the rest of the students in a clear manner. As part of the communications team, I hope reduce the volume of emails students receive through the streamlined, colour-coded, bi-weekly MUS Newsletter (MUSeletter). My goal is to keep MUS communications clear, orderly, and transparent. When I’m not incessantly checking my emails, you can find me dancing, playing the keyboard, or exploring new places through food. Please do not hesitate to send me an email with any suggestions or concerns you may have – after all ‘communicator’ is my favourite canMEDs role!

Sophia Peng
Information Technology Officer Sr.

Ge Shi
Information Technology Officer Jr.
Hullo! As IT Officer Jr., I’m hoping to transform and revamp the MUS website – my vision is for it to be graphically streamlined, user-friendly, and a useful hub for all updated and collective information for the public and sponsors, including up-to-date (ha) event calendar, MUS student group submission forms, and sponsor information. Secondly, I would like to incorporate more visual and design-aspects to MUS functions such as infographics, more event pictures, appealing sponsorship packages, and other MUS documents. I am also part of the communications team and I hope to improve communication between students, MUS, faculty, and external partners!

Mary Choi
Vice President Academic Sr.
I am the VP Academic Sr and together with Karan, the VP Academic Jr, we are responsible for matters concerning our education, curriculum, and extracurricular affairs within the MUS. Our major goal for this year is to prioritize and establish a strategic plan on key student issues in undergraduate medical education. We are involved with the Medical Education Committee, a new MUS initiative that coordinates and supports student representatives on faculty committees. We will also be running the MUS Travel Bursary and coordinate the sale of Toronto Notes; lastly, we liaise with UBCMJ, FoM Undergraduate Research Forum, and the AMS on academic issues. I invite you to connect with us if you have any questions or comments.

Karan D'Souza
Vice President Academic Jr.

Rehman Jinah
Vice President Global Health Sr.
"Hey Everyone, I am looking forward to continuing my tenure as the VP Global Health for this year. As the VP Global Health, I will be working with Michelle Ng (VP Global Health Jr.) to coordinate all the activities of the Global Health Portfolio at UBC. We will also be
working with the CFMS and be the connection between the National and Local level. We have a great team this year and we would like to engage as many UBC medical students as possible in Global Health events. Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have any questions or concerns at Enjoy the year!

Michelle Ng
Vice President Global Health Jr.
Hello! I am excited to be your VP Global Health Jr. and to work with the rest of the fantastic Global Health team here. I grew up in Burnaby and completed my BSc. in Pharmacy at UBC. My previous experiences have involved health services and community outreach projects in Southeast Asia. I have also worked with a NGO that organizes service-learning opportunities for students. I am passionate about promoting a critical understanding of global health issues and active student involvement in local and international health initiatives. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my role, or about how to become involved!

Emma Mitchell
Political Advocacy Committee Chair
I am currently a 2nd year student in Vancouver and excited to serve as the senior chair of the Political Advocacy Committee (PAC) this year. Some of what we do on PAC is plan and implement an annual lobby day at the provincial legislature, help plan the CFMS national lobby day, write and collaborate on position papers, engage with medical curriculum, and organize educational events. We are focused on patient, community, and population level advocacy and are interested in collaborating with other student groups with shared interests. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Heather Cadenhead
Admissions Rep Sr.
Heather grew up in Vancouver and is a 3rd year Medical student with Bachelor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences. This is her second year sitting on the MD Admissions Team as a student representative helping to oversee the transparency and equality of choosing exceptional applicants for the UBC MD undergraduate program. It is a privilege to be a member of this committee and help to build a class of diverse, intelligent and compassionate first year students.

Armaan Malhotra
Admissions Rep Jr.
As part of the MD Undergraduate Education Committee, my role is particularly related to future applicants to the MD Program at UBC. There is an extensive process that takes place behind the scenes and the application cycle is an enormous logistical undertaking each year. My role in this process is to attend meetings with Admissions Committee and ensure that the values of the Medical Undergraduate Society are heard and integrated into actions this committee takes. Future work in my position will be centred on the implementations of specific goals and values pertaining to student diversity and equity into the admission process for the MD Undergraduate Program.

Dr. David Hardwick
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Bruce Fleming
Associate Faculty Advisor
Dr. Harvey Lui
Associate Faculty Advisor