Deans Task Force on Mistreatment

Committee Description:

This committee was struck at the direction of the Dean of UBC Medicine to address matters of student mistreatment. For example, a tangible result of this Committee was the creation of faculty training videos.

Student Representatives 2017-2018:

  1. Shabnam Rostamirad
    VFMP 2018
  2. Ateshia Walker
    VFMP 2018
  3. Talveen Gill
    IMP 2018
  4. Arman Malholtra
    VFMP 2019
  5. Betty Wen
  6. Saroop Dhatt

Faculty Contacts:

  1. Dr. Gurdeep Parhar
  2. Dr. Janette McMillan
  3. Elise Yohm

Actively Recruiting? Potentially one more rep.

Terms of Reference: none available


Last updated June 12, 2017