MDU Education Committee

Committee Description:

The purpose of the MD Undergraduate Education Committee (MDUEC) is to ensure the educational objectives of the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP) and relevant accreditation standards are being achieved, to provide strategic oversight of MD undergraduate education, including curriculum, to ensure comparability across all sites, and to promote a positive learning environment.

Student Representatives 2017-2018:

  1. Alex Yu
    VFMP 2021
  2. Sarah MacVicar
    NMP 2020
  3. Serenity Aberdour
    IMP 2019
  4. Karan D’Souza
    SMP 2018

Faculty Contacts:

  1. Dr. Amil Shah
  2. Trish Campbell

Actively Recruiting? One student in Fall 2017

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Last updated October 17, 2017