Student Access Committee

Committee Description:

This is a student led committee (students and Jennifer Fong approve/reject requests for access to students by outside groups) and faculty is only invovled as needed. This committee reviews requests for sponsorship and access to students (e.g. request to sponsor or have a booth at a student event, etc.). Recruited directly from MUS and class president positions. 

Student Representatives 2017-2018:

  1. MUS Director of Sponsor & Donor Relations: Colin Tan
  2. MUS VP Internal: John Liu
  3. Year 1 President: TBD
  4. Year 2 President:  Maichael Thejoe
  5. Year 3 President: Michael Rizzuto
  6. Year 4 President: Michael Gallea

Student representation turnover occurs in March after the MUS elections. There is optional site president involvement.

Faculty Contacts:

  1. Janette McMillan
  2. Bruce Fleming
  3. Jennifer Fong

Terms of Reference: none available.


Last updated June 12, 2017