Transition to Postgraduate Practice

Committee Description:

This working group is responsible for the planning and implementation of the new course at the end of Year 4. The vision is to improve the transition and preparation for our learners before they begin residency. We are committed to consult our students during the course design and implementation phase. We are looking for a learners who are open to new ideas, collaborative and consultative. She/He will need to be able to bring new ideas/suggestions to the class to seek feedback and convey the information back to the group.

Student Representatives 2017-2018:

  1. Touraj Khosravi
    VFMP 2019
  2. Lulu Yang

Faculty Administrators:

  1. Dr. Adrian Yee
  2. Deborah Phillips

Actively Recruiting?
Yes. Apply HERE.

Terms of Reference:
none available


Last updated:October 17, 2017