Year 1 and 2 Faculty Subcommittee

Committee Description:

This committee has the authority to make recommendations and forward information to the Curriculum Committee regarding the planning, implementation, operations, management and evaluation of all courses in Years 1 and 2. Matters related to assessment are discussed with the Director of Assessment and brought to the Student Assessment Committee through the Curriculum Committee.

MUS Class presidents internally appoint student representatives.

More information is available here.

Student Representatives:

  1. Arun Dhir
    VFMP 2019
  2. Chris Bitcon
    IMP 2019
  3. Bridal Fell
    NMP 2019
  4. Vanessa Montagliani
    SMP 2019

Faculty Contacts:

  1. Dr. Peter Choi
  2. Dr. Issy Laher
  3. Nicole Lynch

Terms of Reference: none available.


Last updated March 19, 2017