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Hello Fellow UBC Med Students,

The MUS Medical Education Committee (MEC) is recruiting student representatives for the following positions for the 2017-2018 academic year. We will happily review all applications but please be mindful of the year and site requirements of the positions. To apply, please follow the online application links.

Please note that you can apply for multiple positions, but can only be selected for one major position. If you are already acting a student representative on another Faculty committee, this will be considered in the final selection process. If you wish to be considered for multiple positions, please rank your preferences here: All applications are due on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 11:59PM. For more information on these committees and for a full list of current student representatives serving these committees, please navigate to our website:

Please feel free to contact us at with further questions.

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MUS Medical Education Committee

1) Student Affairs Subcommittee

  • Positions: 5 First Year Representatives
  • Requirements: Year 1 (Class of 2021); VFMP (2 students), SMP (1), NMP (1), IMP (1)
  • Committee Description:
    • This committee is responsible for the oversight of student affairs as they relate to the MDUP. It has the authority to recommend new policy or policy changes to Faculty Executive. Ensures that students at all sites have comparable and timely access to student services, including but not limited to scholarships and bursaries, health services, health and disability insurances, and career planning advice.
  • Apply HERE:


2) Curriculum Subcommittee

  • Positions: 4 Student Representatives
  • Requirements: Year 1 (Class of 2021) and Year 3 (Class of 2019); NMP and IMP (both sites required)
  • Committee Description:
    • This committee has a wide scope with responsibilities involving accreditation, curriculum logistics, and pedagogical standards. The curriculum committee meets once a month to discuss curriculum issues across all 4 years. Recent topics of discussion included the diversity of patients in CBL cases, reserved student study time, the implementation of Entrada, and ophthalmology/dermatology content in clerkship. The committee is large with more than 20 attendees from all sites at each meeting. Please note that this committee is currently undergoing review and may be dissolving or morphing in 6 months’ time.
  • Apply HERE:


3) Internal Medicine Undergraduate Education Committee

  • Positions: 3 Student Representatives
  • Requirements: Year 4 (Class of 2018) from SMP; Year 4 (2018) from IMP; Year 3 (2019) from NMP; 1 Year Terms (with renewal options)
  • Committee Description:
    • It is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the Year 3 Internal Medicine clerkship rotation and Year 4 electives across all four sites: Island Medical Program (IMP), Northern Medical Program (NMP), Southern Medical Program (SMP) and the Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP). The committee aims to ensure a curriculum that has achievable learning objectives that are equitable across all sites and that comply with LCME standards.
  • Apply HERE:

4) Portfolio Advisory Group

  • Positions: 2 Student Representatives
  • Requirements: Any Year; Any Site
  • Committee Description:
    • The Portfolio Advisory Group has been created to provide consultation and pedagogical support for the development of the Portfolio modality within the MDUP. Portfolio is the new means by which students will be evaluated during their medical education, their “personal portfolio”. Meetings discuss how to evaluate students and how to implement this evaluation.
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5) Student Assessment Subcommittee


6) Recommendations Implementation Committee for the Dean’s Task Force on Mistreatment in the Learning Environment (RIC)


7) Faculty Development for Large Group Learning

  • Positions: 2 Student Representatives
  • Requirements: Year 1 (2021) or Year 2 (2020); Any Site; 1 Year Term
  • Committee Description:
    • Attend meetings where various stakeholders come together to discuss how to improve lectures and the lecturer’s ability to deliver their material. The representatives will be responsible for reviewing materials (three 15-20 minute online primers) that will be distributed to faculty and attending 1-2 meetings per term.
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If you have any issues or questions about the application form or process, please contact us at


Last updated September 17, 2017