Faculty Development for Lecturers

Committee Description:

The Office of Faculty Development is currently supporting the MDUP’s decision to implement site-wide faculty development to improve large group sessions (including lectures and labs). To ensure the success of the initiative, we are collating a list of excellent and passionate large group facilitators and large group learning participants (students) from all sites to participate as consultants and peer reviewers in this faculty development initiative. Consultants would be asked to share their perspectives, review resources created for the initiative and provide feedback. Student dissatisfaction with lecturer quality is one of the reasons why this initiative began, thus students who have experienced a wide range of quality and effectiveness in large group learning will provide an invaluable perspective to guide our resource development. We need students who are able to provide critical and objective feedback and are committed to improving the quality of large group sessions.

Student Representatives 2017-2018:

  1. Jung-In Choi
    SMP 2019
  2. Tianshu (Angela) Ji
    VFMP 2020
  3. Cheng (Kim) Li
    VFMP 2020
  4. Hye Ji (Sally) Choi
    VFMP 2020

Faculty Contacts:

  1. Katherine Wisener
  2. Tejal Sharma
  3. Sharon Doucet

Terms of Reference: none available.


Last updated August 6, 2017