Club Forms

2022-2023 Club Ratification

  • Our 2022-2023 applications for club ratification are officially open. Any student looking to ratify a new club or renew the status of an existing club can apply through the Club Ratification Form. The deadline for club applications is Friday Sep 23, 11:59 PM.

2022-2023 MUS Funding Application

  • If your club is planning to apply for MUS funding, please complete the Budget Form and submit it through the Club Ratification Form.

Clubs Night

  • Clubs Night this year will be happening on Wednesday Oct 5, from 6 PM – 8 PM. The event will be
    held virtually again this year. Any ratified MUS club is welcome to host a Zoom room for students to drop in and ask questions. To sign up for Clubs Night, please complete this form below by Friday Sep 23, 11:59 PM.

If you are applying to create a new club this year and want to be a part of Clubs Night, please reach out to the MUS Clubs Representative (Lindsay Cole) through the Facebook page, on Messenger, or by emailing

The MUS looks forward to seeing all of the great initiatives from our classmates this year!