Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a UBC medical student endeavour!11073475_10153152905254788_1761866858669346875_o

Each year, the MUS hosts a variety of events and charitable endeavours attended by UBC medical students, faculty, and members of the broader community. Unmet need for these events is sometimes supplemented by our community partners in the form of sponsorship, both financial and in-kind.

To learn more please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page.

If you are a community partner, and wish to make a presentation to medical students on behalf of your organization, please visit the Presentation Application page for more information.

If you have any questions about sponsoring a UBC medical student initiative or offering a presentation to UBC medical students, please contact the MUS Director of Sponsorship and Donor Relations, Colin Tan at c.tan@alumni.ubc.ca or Liz Kim at lizsoeunkim@gmail.com.