Mission, Constitution, & Bylaws

mus logoThe Medical Undergraduate Society (MUS) is the official governing body of the medical students of the University of British Columbia. The MUS aims to maintain and continually improve the standard of education for its members, as well as ensure the well-being of UBC medical students.

The UBC MUS was founded in 1953 as a representative body for UBC Medical Students in Vancouver, BC. Since then, our cohort has grown to over 1152 students over four years, learning in Vancouver, Prince George, Victoria and Kelowna. The MUS represents all UBC medical students to our local Faculty of Medicine and to provincial and national bodies including the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, Resident Doctors of BC, Canadian Medical Association and Doctors of BC.

Our annual events include the Med-Ball, Run for Rural Medicine, Med-Play, Spring Gala, MUS Research Forum, and quarterly Weepers events.

April 2022 MUS Constitution