Council and Faculty Advisors

Billy Zhao
MUS President
Hello! I'm Billy and I'm excited to be representing UBC medical students as the MUS president. Prior to this role, I was the MUS VP Finance for the last two years. Outside of school, I enjoy swimming, martial arts, and trying out new food. Looking at the year ahead, there will be many unique challenges for medical students. It will be my top priority to ensure students receive enough academic and social support this year. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out!
Zach Sagorin
Past President
Hello! My name is Zach Sagorin and my favourite part of being MUS President is learning from my friends and colleagues, acting as a representative for UBC medical students, and advocating for our needs. My passions include planetary health, social equity, and finance. As a researcher, I am interested in quality improvement, medical education, and advancing gender equity in surgery. In my spare time, I would rather be outdoors snowboarding or surfing. Follow me on Twitter @SagorinZ
Rhea Ashmead
IMP Site Lead
Rhea Ashmead is from Victoria, BC. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree at the University of Victoria prior to being accepted into the Island Medical Program’s (IMP) class of 2023. Rhea's role as IMP site lead involves being a liaison between IMP students, IMP faculty and staff, MUS council members, and various committees such as the UBC Medical Alumni Association. She also manages the Medical Undergraduate Society’s (MUS) budget for the IMP site, which helps fund student initiatives and events. Rhea's goal is to support each student across the years at the IMP and represent their interests at UBC meetings. Outside of medicine, Rhea enjoys trail running, road cycling, and playing strategy games with her friends and family.
Paige Murphy
NMP Site Lead
Hi I'm Paige! I'm originally from Vancouver Island, but currently completing my last year of medical school in snowy Prince George! I'm so excited to be joining the MUS as NMP site lead this year and look forward to working with other NMP council members and promoting (socially-distanced) social events and intersite connectivity through distribution of MUS Funding. While I know this year will look different due to COVID guidelines, I’m here to help in whatever way I can!
Lauren Hughes
SMP Site Lead
Lauren Hughes grew up in Kelowna and feels extremely fortunate to attend medical school in her hometown. She is a 4th year Southern Medical Program (SMP) student and is serving her first term as SMP Site Lead. In this position, Lauren represents the interests of SMP students, faculty, and community stakeholders. She attends all monthly MUS meetings and oversees the SMP Site Council. She is also a member of several committees including the Medical Alumni Association. Additional responsibilities include fair allocation of SMP finances, advocacy for site-specific initiatives, and promotion of inter-year connectivity. This year, Lauren’s main goals are to advocate for the addition of an MSAC in Kelowna as well as find creative ways to support student connectivity amidst times of social distancing. She is honoured to represent the SMP community. Outside of medicine, Lauren instructs indoor spin classes and enjoys the Okanagan with her friends and family!
Suzanne Starkiewicz
Year I President
Hello, I am Suzanne Starkiewicz (she/her/hers), and I am delighted to be the Year 1 Class President for the Class of 2024! My role is to represent the interests of my class, both academically and socially. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected our experiences and added additional challenges. Working with the council, I plan to help augment student voices as we navigate online learning, ensuring our class can have the best learning experiences possible. I will promote school-life balance, community, inclusion, and mental wellness. Please feel comfortable to connect with me anytime.
Armaghan (Army) Alam
Year II President
Chris Pang
Year III President
Hi everyone! My name is Chris, and I am looking forward to getting to know and work with you as Year 3 Class President! Some of my favourite parts of being a student rep are community building, advocating for our needs, and collaborating with fellow students and the faculty. This year medical education is rapidly adapting to the pandemic, and I have had the great privilege of sitting alongside the other reps on the COVID-19 Task Force. I also really enjoyed working with my colleagues on OUTreach, which is a mentorship initiative connecting queer medical students with physician mentors. Outside of medicine, I like to hike, go for bike rides, and take photos of cats that I then forget about. I would love to discuss any ideas you might have, so please feel free to reach out!
Khashayar Hanjani
Year IV President
As class president for the class of 2021 I have spent the last year helping my cohort navigate clerkship, which was complicated by COVID. Once we were pulled from our rotations, my focus shifted to ensuring curriculum reform that would ensure adequate time to complete outstanding third year rotations, while also maintaining valuable elective time in fourth year. While we are still grappling with this pandemic, we are back on track and some normalcy has returned. My goals for this coming year are to help my class complete their degrees on time. I am currently coordinating a graduation that honors their hard work over these past 4 years, while also maintaining public safety.

Vanessa Wong
Vice President Communications Sr.
Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am your VP Communications Sr this year! We work to make sure you get the latest updates on MUS and the extracurricular activities going on. If you have any questions, just send us an email at and I'll probably end up sending all of you an email too. Look out for us in your inbox!
Rachel Jin
Vice President Communications Jr.
Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m excited to be your VP Communications Jr. this year! I’ll be keeping you updated with all the newest and coolest med-related events and opportunities at UBC and beyond. My other hobbies include playing ukulele, going for runs outdoors, and first aid volunteering. Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions, ideas, or puns to share. It’s going tibia great year! 🙂
Gabriel Malvas
Information Technology Officer Sr.

Hey! My name is Gabriel...though you had to have known that if you're reading this. Making things happen outside the limelight is one of the reasons I like working as IT Officer with the MUS. If we ever cross paths, feel free to talk with me about anything: very little doesn't serve as an interest of mine, from playing musical instruments to martial arts to food (both making and eating). Give a shout if you need anything!

Godspeed and good luck to you.
Marco Law
Information Technology Officer Jr.

My name is Marco Law and I like computers. In essence, I will work to get done what needs to be done and make work what needs to work. Please feel free to investigate my experience through LinkedIn. My interest and experience with computers and IT began at the tender age of 9 years old with Windows 2000. I have since graduated through Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and now use Windows 10. In addition to Windows, I am proficient in MacOS and occasionally dabble with Linux. My preferred coding language is Python, but I pick up new languages efficiently.

Sabrina Wei
Vice President Sponsor & Donor Relations Sr.
Hi Everyone! My name is Sabrina and I’m very excited to be serving as your VP Sponsorship and Donor Relations Sr this year. My role involves liaising with faculty and external sponsors to establish a sustainable flow of funds and free lunches for our med community. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!
Alissa Zhang
Vice President Sponsor & Donor Relations Jr.
Hi everyone! My name is Alissa Zhang and I am excited to be your VP Sponsorship and Donor Relations Jr. this year. I am looking forward to coordinating internal sponsorship processes, seeking financial support, and establishing partnerships for various events throughout the year. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to reach out!

Parker Nann
Vice President Finance Sr. (Head of Division)

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce at Queen’s University, Parker deferred his MD admission to work for a management consulting firm in Boston, Massachusetts. While there, he helped a global bank improve its capital efficiency, designed market entry strategies for a new business launch in the senior care industry, and developed data analysis tools to identify unnecessary medical care.

Now a 2nd year medical student, Parker is eager to blend his business background with his interest in healthcare systems and resource stewardship. He holds a position on the Finance and HR Committee of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students and represents the UBC MD Undergraduate Program at Choosing Wisely Canada: Students and Trainees Interested in Resource Stewardship (CWC STARS).

A 5th generation Vancouverite, Parker enjoys skiing, cycling, cooking commercial aviation, and (though his skill doesn’t match his enthusiasm) playing tennis.

Ali Khorrami
Vice President Finance Jr.

Jordanna Roesler
VP Indigenous Health (Co-Head of Division)
My role as VP Indigenous Health is to promote and advocate for Indigenous health and wellbeing. I also lead and support the 8 Indigenous Health Representatives across all 4 UBC Faculty of Medicine sites. On behalf of the student body, I liaise with the UBC Faculty of Medicine, First Nations Health Authority, and Indigenous communities to promote cultural safety. This includes advocacy for culturally safe Indigenous curricular content, faculty activities and policies as well as Indigenous health and wellness in alignment with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action.
Dallas Genereaux
VP Global Health Sr. (Co-Head of Division)
As the VP Global Health my role is to ensure that all UBC medical students have access to opportunities to learn about global health practices and explore opportunities available to them around the world. Our group has four main portfolios: education; reproductive and sexual health; exchanges and social activities; and advocacy. Each portfolio is unique in its mandate but collaborate together on events throughout the year with both other portfolios and groups in the MUS and CFMS.
Joel Granger
IMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer
Tawnshi dishinikawshon Joel Granger aen un Metis de treaty 4 li treaty 7 territoire d’ooshchiin. Hello my name is Joel Granger, I belong to Metis Nation and my family is from treaty 4 and treaty 7 territories with ties to the Red River region. I am honoured to work together with this years council and to support our diverse student body.
Lisa Hackett
IMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer
I identify as an Irish-Canadian settler woman with strong ties to the West coast of Canada and Nova Scotia. I became interested in developing stronger relationships with Indigenous communities after spending four summers in Klemtu, BC, where I coordinated a summer internship for Kitasoo/Xai’xais youth. I am especially interested in emphasizing cultural and community strengths to promote health on individual and community levels. I want to continue learning about health from Indigenous perspectives so that I can better serve Indigenous communities as a physician. My goal as Junior Indigenous Health Rep for the IMP is to open up such learning experiences to the rest of the class! I want to create opportunities for our class to broaden understandings of Indigenous health and for us to contribute to Indigenous communities in and around Victoria. I’m keen on collaborating with anyone with similar interests and those with ties to Indigenous communities, so give me a shout if this is you!
Alix Wells
NMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer
Hello! My name is Alix and I am the NMP Indigenous Health Representative Jr. My passion for Indigenous health arose as a mixture of growing up in Prince George, having the opportunity to volunteer at Central Interior Native Health Society (CINHS), and working at Carrier Sekani Family Services (CSFS) in Prince George. In this new role I want to highlight the importance of cultural competency training for all medical students, as well as increase access to peer-mentorship programs for Indigenous youth interested in careers in medicine. As an individual from a non-Indigenous background, in this role as an ally, I am excited and eager to learn from Indigenous classmates and community members. As future health care providers I believe we all have a responsibility to provide culturally safe care.
Sukhmeet Sachal (Rohan)
NMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer
Sukhmeet is a second-year medical student at the Northern Medical Program. He is interested in Indigenous health, mental health, and rural health. In his spare time, he like to volunteer and lead climate action projects. He is looking forward to continue serving as the Indigenous Representative at the Northern Medical Program.
Lisa Renaud
SMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer
Hello! My name is Lisa Renaud and I am a member of the Manitoba Métis Federation. I am B.C. born and raised and I have spent several years as a guest in Kelowna on the beautiful Syilx territory. My interests include reading, yoga, spin classes, various sports, and hiking. I have two Shetland Sheepdogs and enjoy spending time with them and my family. I look forward to collaborating with Samantha Gibbon, the Indigenous Health Rep Sr at the Southern Medical Program, to put on events and promote Indigenous cultural engagement on campus.
Samantha Gibbon
SMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer
Tan’si! My name is Samantha Gibbon, and I’m a descendent of Peayasis Band and a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. I look forward to continue collaborating with the senior and junior Indigenous Health officers and the VP of Indigenous Health to put on educational events at the Southern Medical Program. Current year initiatives include weekly health, equality, and cultural based challenges (online and in-person) that promote both cultural safety and wellness of the Indigenous folks in our program and for our future cohorts, patients, and peers.
Brooke Mounsey
VFMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer
Weytkp! Brooke ren skwekwst ell te Simpcw re st'7é7kwen. My name is Brooke Mounsey and I'm a member of the Simpcw First Nation. I was raised in North Vancouver on unceded Coast Salish territories and have experience in Indigenous public health & LBTQ2S+ community-based research.
Lisa Szostek
VFMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer

Reem Aziz
Vice President External Sr. (Head of Division)
Hi meddies! My name is Reem & I am honoured to be returning to the MUS for the third year now, in my new role as VP External Sr. I work with the talented team at UBC on internal matters as well as with Canadian-wide medical organizations to address pertinent affairs affecting Canada's medical students. Some of our partners include the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), Resident Doctors of BC (RDoBC), Doctors of BC (DoBC), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and Specialists of BC along with many others. I will have the opportunity to express the voice of UBC on a national and provincial level, as well as be able to advocate on behalf of our student society. Lastly, I hope to continue the work of our incredible Division of External Affairs, and to strengthen the presence and relationship of UBC Med with the national medical community. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions regarding the MUS or any of our partners, I would love to chat. I look forward to a productive year with the MUS and wish you all a stellar semester! 🙂
Monica Hsieh
Vice President External Jr.
Hi everyone! My name is Monica and I am your VP External Jr. for this upcoming year. It has been a pleasure being on MUS council as your VP Communications for the previous 2 years. You may recognize my name from all the emails I have sent you! My main role is to represent and advocate for UBC medical students towards external organizations such as the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), Resident Doctors of BC (RDoBC), Doctors of BC (DoBC) and the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). As one of the largest medical schools in Canada, it is important to have an adequate representation from UBC and I hope to be one of those voices. I am committed to advocating for UBC medical students and raising awareness of national opportunities. Feel free to reach out to me with questions regarding MUS or any of our external partners!

Jason Speidel
Chair of the Political Advocacy Committee
I am excited to be leading the Political Advocacy Committee this year and hope you all find ways to engage with our work this year! If you are interested in politics, heath policy, community organizing, or just want to improve the lives of your future patients, you have found the right spot! We accept all medical students, so whether you have past experience or not, we can help you discover how you can become a better advocate. Check out our website for more details or send us an email!

AMS Representative

Saba Vafaei-Nodeh
Vice President Internal (Head of Division)
Adrian Marcuzzi
Clubs Representative

Hey everyone! As Clubs Rep, I’m responsible for a few things. I’m the person you go to if you have any questions about joining or starting clubs. I manage the online resources that keep you updated about our clubs. I’m responsible for Clubs Night. Lastly, I work with the MUS Clubs Committee to negotiate things like funding.

My goal is to support our class and our clubs in a way that’s accessible, approachable, and attentive. To aid in this, I plan to create a dedicated Facebook page where MUS clubs can promote their events, students can stay in the loop, and anyone with questions can reach out to me. I plan to create a Clubs Night website where students can learn more about the clubs that they may not have been able to see in person. Finally, I plan to run a Zoom workshop on how to ratify new clubs.

Sports Director

Annette Ye
Vice President Academic Sr. (Head of Division)
Hi everyone! My name is Annette and I am so excited to be your VP Academic Sr. Last year I helped revise the Clerkship Handbook and restructure the Medical Education Committee, in addition to working with student representatives on various academic subcommittees. For this upcoming year, I am looking forward to continuing advocacy efforts on behalf of students, particularly in the era of online learning. Please feel free to contact me at any point regarding academic issues, questions, concerns, or simply to chat!
Alvin Qiu
Vice President Academic Jr.
Hi! My name is Alvin and I am excited to be this year’s MUS VP Academic Jr. I am originally from Toronto, ON and am currently a 5th year MD/PhD student. Alongside the MUS VP Academic Sr, my role is to advocate for and implement positive changes with regards to academic issues within the MD Undergraduate program. We meet with deans, faculty members, VP Academics from all 4 years, and the Medical Education Committee (MEC) to identify gaps in the current academic environment and seek creative solutions. Outside of school, I enjoy snowboarding, playing piano, and competing in triathlons.
Tyler Yan
As the elected student representative for the Faculty of Medicine on the UBC Senate, my role is to represent our faculty, medical students, and UBC students more generally in the highest academic affairs of our university. My goals within the Senate are heavily focused on academic policy, faculty-specific scholarships, student career and research opportunities, and equity and diversity.
Katrina Besler
Medical Education Committee Director
Hello! I'm Katrina, a year 3 MD/PhD student and your MEC Director. MEC recruits student representatives to sit on Faculty of Medicine committees, which make decisions about everything from curriculum and assessment to bursaries and student safety, and advocate for student interests. We also aim to connect these student reps to the MUS and to the student body, so that your concerns and feedback can be heard by faculty. Check out the MEC page to learn more: scroll up and click on "MEC". Feel free to contact me with your ideas and questions: I'm happy to get you in touch with a student rep, talk about improving medical education, or just connect!

Dr. Harvey Lui
Faculty Advisor.