Council and Faculty Advisors

John Liu
MUS President
In my first year at UBC Med, I started out working as an MSAC Ambassador, which I really enjoyed. I really liked dealing with the inner workings of clubs and organizations so I took on the role of VP Internal the following year. I began to like MUS so much, I somehow ended up as President the following year. It's been great combining my knowledge working with all the roles internally with advocacy efforts that the President takes part in externally. When I'm not doing MUS stuff or medicine, I enjoy juggling, exploring new areas, making videos, and comparing my life to others on social media (and then realizing how unhealthy that is and coming to a feeling of inner peace with my own life).

Laura Kim
Past President
Laura is a fourth year student who served as MUS President 2017-2018. She originally hails from Ontario, but has loved calling Vancouver her home for the past several years. She is an avid Masterchef viewer, a novice level knitter, and will always be a ballerina at heart.

Jenna Erwin
IMP Site Lead
I am so excited to be the IMP Site Lead and to represent the students on the Island at MUS meetings and on various sub-committees. My main responsibilities include managing the MUS budget for the IMP and helping to support the interconnectivity between the four years of students at the IMP with each other and with the other sites of the UBC Medical Program. I am currently working closely with the IMP Class Council to make sure the first year IMP students feel welcomed, and I look forward to continue to work with the IMP students and faculty to ensure everyone on the Island has the best possible experience!

Nick Brochez
NMP Site Lead
I am originally from Burns Lake in northern BC, where I grew up on a hobby farm. My role as the NMP Site Lead mainly involves managing the Medical Undergraduate Society's budget for all four years at the NMP, as well as liaising with various faculty members, MUS, and committees such as the UBC Medical Alumni Association and the By-laws Committee. The most important part of my work is supporting students through their medical adventures, whether it is helping to create an intramural team, providing funding for shadowing and extracurricular activities, or helping plan social events. My goal is to help every NMP'er call the NMP their home and facilitate relations between different years in Prince George as well as the other sites.

Rosie Mazzola
SMP Site Lead

Jessica Wang
Year I President

Tony Chae
Year II President
As the Year 2 Class President, I am honoured to be an advocate for the Class of 2021, by acting as a liaison between my fantastic class and the wonderful faculty of UBC Medicine, MUS and other third parties. In my role as the class president, I would like to create opportunities that will allow our class to explore our great potential for personal and professional development. Currently, I am closely working with my amazing council to contribute in the improvement of the medical undergraduate program, facilitate social networking events, and support the health and well-being of our student body. It has also been an absolute pleasure welcoming the Class of 2022 to our UBC Medicine Family – I cannot wait to learn and grow together over the next year as professionals and as people! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything - I am only a phone call away. And as always, take care!

Maichael Thejoe
Year III President

Michael Rizzuto
Year IV President
To all new and returning students, welcome to the UBC Medical Undergraduate Program! I am exceedingly honoured to have the opportunity to represent the Class of 2019 as the Class President. Throughout my term, I have worked in tandem with the Class Executive, the Medical Undergraduate Society, Student Affairs, the Directors of the Renewed Curriculum as well as numerous other faculty members to improve numerous facets of the UBC MDUP Renewed Curriculum and overall student quality of life. The focus of my term in Year 4 is to connect with students and faculty to refine the delivery of the Renewed Year 4 Clerkship with an emphasis on student wellness, appropriate examination and meaningful feedback on performance. My door is always open, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any quips, qualms or queries. P&L.

Isaac Rodin
Vice President Communications Sr. (Head of Division)
I am very excited to continue serving in the communications portfolio of the MUS this year. It is my goal to streamline communication throughout the MUS and make sure every student is aware of all of the events and initiatives that are happening! Another important goal of mine is to make you all laugh with the GIFs I put in the MUSeletter. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback for me!

Monica Hsieh
Vice President Communications Jr.
As the VP Communications Junior, I am excited to work alongside the VP Communications senior to ensure that every student in the UBC MDUP is well-informed of extracurricular opportunities and MUS activities. My main responsibilities include maintaining communication within MUS, creating the bi-weekly MUSeletters and updating the MUS Events Calendar to keep all of you up to date. We also strive to be transparent between MUS and every class in the medical program. Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions regarding communication!

Jeffrey Chan
Information Technology Officer Sr.
My vision is to graphically streamline the MUS website, rendering it a helpful and user-friendly hub of information for students, sponsors, and the public.

Chloe Lim
Information Technology Officer Jr.
Hi everyone! I am excited to continue in MUS council as the IT Officer Jr. I hope to make sure all the information that we as a council work towards is available to all of MUS online. Please email me at if you have any questions. Thanks!

Colin Tan
Vice President Sponsor & Donor Relations Sr.
Hi everyone! My name is Colin, and I am ecstatic to be serving as your MUS VP Sponsor and Donor Relations Sr. for this year. Here at UBC medicine, we have so many opportunities going on. Whether it’s curricular or extra-curricular, at the MSAC or out in the city, funding lies at the crux of our activities. My role is to coordinate, advocate, and serve as a liaison with faculty and external organizations, in order to garner a sustainable flow of funding to enable our student community to flourish. In a previous life, I’ve had a similar role at McMaster University working with community partners, as well as regularly attempting to convince people why it is better to live in beautiful BC (minus having an NBA team, among an infinitesimal list of reasons).

Liz Kim
Vice President Sponsor & Donor Relations Jr.

Zach Sagorin
Vice President Finance Sr. (Head of Division)
Our goal is to make MUS finances as easy for you as possible. We want to accomplish this by focusing on improving financial transparency and streamlining reimbursements to ensure UBC medical students receive their finances without the frustration.
As your VP Finance Sr. I will work to develop and revitalize structures to promote financial understanding across constituencies. I am happy to work alongside the VP Finance Jr., council treasurers, and MUS executives to serve our student society.

Billy Zhao
Vice President Finance Jr.

Willow Thickson
VP Indigenous Health (Co-Head of Division)
As VP Indigenous Health my role is to liaise with the UBC Faculty of Medicine, First Nations Health Authority and the Indigenous community at large on behalf of the student body. This encompasses promotion and advocacy for Indigenous health among UBC medical students, maintenance and promotion of Indigenous advocacy groups within the UBC medical faculty, advocacy of culturally appropriate, safe and relevant Indigenous content within the medical curriculum, and strategic alignment of the medical faculties policies and activities with the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action”. My role as the health officer also includes supporting and providing direction to the Year 1 and Year 2 Indigenous Health Representatives (8 total).

Christine Liu
Global Health Sr. (Co-Head of Division)

Vito Zou
VP Global Health Jr.

Emily Lerhe
IMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer
My slice of paradise includes magnificent mountains, towering trees, open ocean and irresistible icecream.

Chantell Cleversey
IMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer
“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
—Albert Schweitzer

Jessica Hatcher
Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer

Chelsea Monell
Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer

SMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer

Sandra MacDonald
SMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer

VFMP Year 1 Indigenous Health Officer

Jennifer Brazeau
VFMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer
As the VFMP Year 2 Indigenous Health Officer, I am passionate about continuing to advocate for the delivery of Indigenous content in the medical program. I believe that it is important that we highlight the resiliency and strength of all Indigenous peoples with a focus on the inclusion of culturally appropriate medical practices. I look forward to working with the other Indigenous Health Officers to further advocate the importance of Indigenous health material in the curriculum.

Jas Hans
Vice President External Sr. (Head of Division)
Hi Everyone, my name is Jas and I am honored to be your VP external Senior. At the UBC MUS we work with some amazing external organization and my role is to coordinate, liaise, and strengthen our relationship with them. These partners include the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, Resident Doctors of BC, and Doctors of BC, along with many others. Secondly, as head of the division my role is to support the work of our external division within the MUS. To both MUS students and external groups, please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding the MUS or our partners.

Devon Mitchell
Vice President External Jr.
Excited to advocate on behalf of all BC med students, and to work with this year's incredible MUS Council!

Privia Randhawa
Chair of the Political Advocacy Committee

Jennifer Ling
AMS Representative
As the AMS Representative, I represent and protect the interests of medical students to the AMS Council, and sit on the MUS Council. I consult with other student representatives regarding a diverse portfolio of issues, from student finances/services (tuition, Health and Dental Plan, et al), to university policy (marijuana purchase/use, neighbourhood development, et al), to government issues (position statements, voter engagement , et al). Please get in contact if you have any comments or questions, I am always happy to hear from my friends and colleagues!

Maya Rosenkrantz
Vice President Internal (Head of Division)
I'm a 3rd year medical student, excited to be serving our UBC medical student community as VP Internal for the 2018/19 year. After two years on the Communications portfolio, I have stepped out into the Internal portfolio to work closely with MUS Clubs Rep and Sports Director to ensure student activities continue to run smoothly, support the MUS president, and liaise with the Site Leads to ensure our student body remains cohesive and equitable through its unique geography. I also serve as Elections Officer and look forward to overseeing coordination of some of our most loved yearly events, including MedBall! Please feel free to shoot me an email if you've got any questions or concerns at

Reem Aziz
Clubs Representative
Hey Meds! I'm Reem, your friendly neighbourhood MUS Clubs Representative. It serves me great pleasure to take on this role to ensure accurate representation of the remarkable talents and interests here at UBC Med. I am thrilled to be working alongside the incredible MUS team and my talented fellow peers to create an exciting Clubs Night for the incoming Class of 2023, as well as advocate for the creation of new interest groups to make our medical journey more diverse and memorable! I have had similar roles in my community and at McMaster University, and look forward to creating a better experience for everyone here at UBC Med. Please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas / questions you may have, or if you just want to chat. 🙂 I look forward to forming lasting connections and having a stellar time with you all!

Helen Crofts
Sports Director

Cirisse Stephen
Vice President Academic Sr. (Head of Division)
I am a NMP student currently completing my clerkship year in the ICC program in Terrace, BC. I hail from Vancouver Island originally, but have lived all over the world. I am passionate about medical education, quality improvement, and facilitating engaging and innovative collaborations wherever I can!
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas!

Stephen McCarthy, PhD
Vice President Communications Jr.
As VP Academic Jr. for our medical undergraduate program, I assist the VP Academic Sr. select student representatives for various faculty committees. I also meet with student reps on MEC and with deans in our faculty, to better improve our renewed spiral curriculum. I also work closely with class VP Academics in all 4 years, to transmit information to them from MUS. I also help our program with ongoing external accreditation. If you have any concerns about an academic issue in our program, or need help finding the right person to speak to about academic issues, I'm your guy! I also like to stand up for any student who needs academic support (

Vivian Braithwaite

Nominations Committee President

Dr. Harvey Lui
Faculty Advisor.