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  • Principally, MEC aims to organize medical student representation on Faculty committees. This is done with the belief that through improved organization student representation will become more fair, efficient, and effective at presenting the student perspective and advocating for student interests.
  • Explicitly, MEC aims to inform medical students about all Faculty- and student-led initiatives within medical education and Faculty development at UBC, for the purpose of raising awareness and promoting student engagement in medical education initiatives. MEC aims to provide a streamlined, unified channel for the medical student body to voice their opinions and advocate for a medical program that will provide excellent education. MEC also aims to foster collaboration between students, Faculty, and committees, forming a more versatile community to improve education. MEC aims to serve as a liaison between the Faculty of Medicine and the medical students of UBC, to streamline student recruitment and selection for Faculty committees and to gather, host, and disseminate timely information to the medical student body at large.
  • New in 2017, we have collaborated with Dr. Roger Wong, Executive Associate Dean of Education to support and advise us in our role of ensuring  optimal student engagement and functioning on Faculty Committees. He has joined us in the role of Faculty Advisor.
Please find short descriptions of each of our committees as well as contact information for the student representatives: here

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MEC Executive Team 2020-2021

MEC Director – Katrina Besler (MD/PhD student)

Year 4 Rep – Nora Penty (2021)

Year 3 Rep – Athena Huynh (2022)

Year 2 Rep – Irena Zivkovic (2023)

Year 1 Rep – Catherine Binda (2024)

MUS VP Academic Sr. – Annette Ye (2021)

MUS VP Academic Jr. – Alvin Qiu (MD/PhD student)

Faculty Advisor – Roger Y.M. Wong, BMSc, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FCAHS
Executive Associate Dean, Education
Clinical Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Terms of Reference

Last updated: January 2021