Active Committees

MEC supports student representation to the following Faculty committees:

MDU Education Committee

Transition to Postgraduate Practice

MD Admission Selection Subcommittee

Student Affairs Subcommittee

Curriculum Subcommittee

UEC Research Council

Research Access Committee

Internal Medicine Undergraduate Education Committee

Pediatric Undergraduate Education Committee

Clerkship Development Team Meetings – Women and Children’s Health

Clerkship Development Team Meetings – Surgery and Perioperative Care

Clerkship Development Team Meetings – Brain and Body

Clerkship Development Team Meetings – Ambulatory Block

Portfolio Advisory Group

Student Assessment Subcommittee

Program Evaluation Planning and Improvement Committee

Library Committee

Learning Initiatives Review Subcommittee

Deans Task Force on Mistreatment

Faculty Development Clinical Decision Making

Faculty Development for Lecturers

Faculty Development CBL Tutor Training

Admissions Northern and Rural Admissions Subcommittee


MEC does not aid in student recruitment for the following Faculty committees:

Student Access Committee

MD Admissions Policy Advisory Committee

Aboriginal Admissions Committee

MD/PhD Admissions Committee

Curriculum Renewal Project Development Committee

Year 2 MUS-MDUP faculty & staff monthly meeting

Year 1 and 2 Faculty Subcommittee

Year 3 and 4 Faculty Subcommittee

Integrated Community Clerkship Committee

Mentor Executive Committee

Donor Memorial Committee

Policy Advisory Subcommittee

Medical Student Academic Support Committee

Career Advising

Educational Records Committee

Medical Advocacy Committee


Last updated: April 8, 2017