Active Committees

MEC supports student representation on a number of Faculty of Medicine committees:

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Medical Education Committee

MEC Director Katrina Besler VFMP
Year 1 MEC Exec (2024) Catherine Binda VFMP
Year 2 MEC Exec (2023) Irena Zivkovic VFMP
Year 3 MEC Exec (2022) Athena Huynh VFMP
Year 4 MEC Exec (2021) Nora Penty VFMP
MUS VP Academic Sr Annette Ye VFMP
MUS VP Academic Jr Alvin Qiu VFMP


Faculty Committees:
Committees are categorized here into “Learning Environment, Safety, and Student Services”, “Clinical Learning”, “Academic Learning, Assessment, and Integration”, “Transitions, Portfolio, and Interprofessional Education”, “Research and Teacher Assessment”, “Admissions”, and “COVID-19 Task Forces” for your ease of access, but some committees cover a broader range of topics and activities. See detailed descriptions of each for more information. If you’re still not sure which student rep to contact about your question or concern, please get in touch with your year’s MEC Executive.


Learning Environment, Safety, and Student Services

FoM Strategic Plan: Education Pillar Objective 5 Working Group

This working group is tasked with “developing a learning environment conducive to learner, trainee, staff and faculty development and mentorship”.

R1 Saroop Dhatt VFMP


Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee

The JOHSCs are governed under the Workers Compensation Act. They are an advisory group consisting of employer and worker representatives working together to improve occupational health and safety in the workplace.

2023 Ricky Tsang VFMP
2023 Daniela Di Francesco VFMP
2022 Igor Sljivic VFMP
2022 Hanna Parmar VFMP
2021 Tony Fang VFMP
2021 Vivian Tsang VFMP vivianwltsang@alumni.ubc


Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee: Needle Stick Injury Working Group

Committee aims to identify high risk exposures and causes of needlestick injuries within the FoM. The committee subsequently aims to formulate solutions that will result in prevention of needlestick injuries.

2023 Graham Landells SMP
2022 Igor Sljivic VFMP
2021 Chantell Cleversey IMP


Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee: Communications Subcommittee

The purpose of the JOHSC Communications Subcommittee is to: Inform FoM workers of their workplace rights as per OHS regulations and applicable UBC Policies and effectively promote the functions and duties of JOHSC to FoM workers. This is because workers can be obtaining inconsistent messaging with respect to health and safety in the workplace.

2023 Mohammed Abdelmalek VFMP
2022 Brian Li VFMP


Learning Environment Advisory Council

Monitor the UGME learning environment, including mistreatment of medical students; and advise the UGME Committee, the Regional Associate Deans, the Years 1&2 Curriculum Subcommittee, and the Years 3&4 Curriculum Subcommittee accordingly.

2022 Clara Kim VFMP
2023 Vanessa Wong VFMP


Student Affairs Advisory Council

The StAAC brings together the program-wide and site-specific Student Affairs leadership and the Student Affairs team (including site coordinators, financial and career advisors, health and safety representatives, Indigenous coordinators etc.) once a month to discuss ongoing business and deal with emerging issues. There are often guests from other departments to discuss how they and Student Affairs can best work together. This committee is responsible for the oversight of student affairs as they relate to the MDUP. It has the authority to recommend new policy or policy changes to Faculty Executive. Ensures that students at all sites have comparable and timely access to student services, including but not limited to scholarships and bursaries, health services, health and disability insurances, and career planning advice.

VFMP 2024 Frances Perry
VFMP 2024 Min Jung Kim
VFMP 2023 Salina Kung
VFMP 2023 Sarah Lim
VFMP 2022 Sarah Fletcher
VFMP 2022 Maria Zhu
VFMP 2021 Rod Vafaei
VFMP 2021 Yuebo Yang
IMP 2024 Jessy Sidhu
IMP 2023 Kash Gwiazda
IMP 2022 Elizabeth Burden
IMP 2021 Arielle Roberts
SMP 2024 Emma Corbett
SMP 2023 Annie Walters-Shumka
SMP 2022 Talia Del Medico
SMP 2021 Alex Monaghan
NMP 2024 J Sandhu
NMP 2023 Allyson Miller
NMP 2022 Jennifer Brown 
NMP 2021 Gurkaran Sarohia


Clinical Learning and OSCE

eOSCE Project Team

The eOSCE Project Team is focused on implementing the online OSCE.

2024 Manjot Kahlon VFMP


Internal Medicine Undergraduate Education Committee

This committee meets to discuss topics & concerns related to the IM undergraduate program at UBC, including 3rd year CTU rotations and 4th year IM electives. This may include assessing educational experiences, discussing current means of student evaluation, incorporating student wellness initiatives, and more.

2021 Vanessa Samuel VFMP
2021 Maya de Vos IMP maya.devos@alumni.ubc
2021 Jaskaran Khinda SMP
2021 Seamus Hogan NMP
2022 Reem Aziz VFMP
2022 Elizabeth Burden IMP
2022 Kaitlyn Harding  SMP
2022 Jordan McKenzie NMP


UBC Medicine Family Practice

The UBC Medicine Family Practice Committee aids the Family Practice Program in planning and developing curricular activities. Monthly meetings are usually held to discuss FP office visits and seminar activities. Student representatives deliver messages to the class and collect feedback. The committee provides a forum for members to review and address questions and updates on ongoing tasks/projects/items/issues, and discuss ways to improve the FP components of the program and students’ educational experience.

2023 Sydney Sparanese VFMP
2023 Adam Sage VFMP
2024 Brooke Cheng VFMP
2024 Amolpreet Toor VFMP


VFMP Clinical Skills Committee

This committee makes decisions about format, type, and number of clinical skills sessions in years 1 and 2 at the VFMP.

2023 Leilynaz Malekafzali  VFMP
2023 Sara Choi VFMP
2024 Iman Baharmand VFMP
2024 Laura Jones VFMP


Academic Learning, Assessment, Integration, and Integrity

Curriculum Integration Advisory Council

Monitor overall curricular content, sequencing, spiralling, and integration, and advise the UGME Committee, the Years 1&2 Curriculum Subcommittee, and the Years 3&4 Curriculum Subcommittee accordingly.

2023 Ciara Morgan-Feir VFMP


Faculty Development: Clinical Decision Making

The Clinical Decision Making (CDM) committee works on developing the CDM portion of the new MDUP curriculum, where students develop their clinical decision making skills by working through cases in CDM didactic and interactive sessions, and small groups. The committee makes decisions on the content, organization, scheduling, and implementation of these sessions and modifies the CDM curriculum based on feedback from students, instructors, and other involved staff. This committee works on improving the quality of lecture-based education within the UBC medical curriculum.

2021 Jessica Dawson VFMP
2021 Tony Fang VFMP
2022 Jasmyne Kassam VFMP
2022 Shiny Sachdeva VFMP
2023 Anastasia Kalyta VFMP
2023 Shailee Siddhpuria VFMP
2024 Ashleigh Nazareth VFMP
2024 Vicky Mai VFMP


MCQ Advisory Panel

The Multiple Choice Question Advisory Panel reviews questions and content of MCQ exams. 

Student rep Raisa Shabbir VFMP 2023
LGBTQ+ student rep Jatinder Khatra VFMP 2023


MSPR Working Group

The Medical Student Performance Record Working Group is currently selecting which elements of the national MSPR template to include in UBC’s MSPR.

2021 Ali Azari VFMP
2022 Shiny Sachdeva VFMP
2023 James Taylor VFMP


Pediatric Undergraduate Education Committee

The goal of this committee is to ensure that effective undergraduate pediatric education and assessment is being delivered to all sites and students across British Columbia. It is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating all the pediatric education curricula of the 4 years of Undergraduate education.

2021 Carlie Penner VFMP
2021 Nancy Lum VFMP
2022 Allison Lui VFMP
2022 Preety Nijjar NMP
2022 Fernando Tharindu VFMP
2023 Kelsey Smith VFMP


Student Assessment Subcommittee

This committee is responsible for the design and function of the student assessment system of the UBC MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP).

2024 Junghoon Ko VFMP
2023 Anthony Kenneth Hinde IMP
2022 Allyssa Hooper SMP
2021 Jeffrey Leong NMP


Student Promotion and Review Board

The Review Board ensures that standards for student advancement and graduation are consistent across all sites and students, adhere to FoM policy, and are based on student performance. The Board makes decisions about student advancement, professionalism notations on performance reports, withdrawal, and returning from leaves of absence.

2022 Caitlin Blewett NMP 
2021 Tony Chae VFMP


Undergraduate Medical Education Committee

This committee oversees the UBC MD curriculum in terms of design, management, integration, and evaluation. This committee is responsible for approving UGME program initiatives from other UGME subcommittees and ensures that the program meets or exceeds accreditation standards. They also ensure that educational objectives and exit competencies are being achieved and promote a positive learning environment. 

2021 Alec Yu VFMP
2022 Richard Xiang SMP
2023 Robin Stone IMP
2024 Haydn Molcak NMP


UBC Working Group on Academic Integrity

The Working Group on Academic Integrity focuses on ways to promote and disseminate educative approaches to academic integrity, foster culture change, and prevent/identify misconduct, in partnership with students across faculties at UBC. Online proctoring and disciplinary processes for academic misconduct are outside the scope of this group’s work. 

2023 Lisa Hackett IMP


Transitions, Portfolio, and Interprofessional Education

Transition to Postgraduate Practice (TIPP)

This working group is responsible for the planning and implementation of the new course at the end of Year 4. The vision is to improve the transition and preparation for our learners before they begin residency. 

2023 Sina Safabakhsh VFMP
2022 Jobanjit Phulka VFMP 


Portfolio Advisory Group

The Portfolio Advisory Group provides advice and consultation in the following areas: pedagogical matters related to the Portfolio and its alignment with sound assessment principles and other assessment modalities; practical, logistical, and political matters in relation to navigating the institutional culture to implement the Portfolio; end‐user experience from both a student and coach perspective; identification of opportunities for scholarship; identification of content experts who can contribute to the development and implementation of the Portfolio.

2022 Emma Louise Croft VFMP
2022 Supun Kotteduwa Jayawarden VFMP
2021 Bavenjit Cheema VFMP
2023 Katherine Baillie VFMP
2024 Eden Dubchak SMP
2024 Alissa Zhang VFMP


UBC Health Student Caucus

The Health Student Caucus provides a forum for health and human service (HHS) student leaders to discuss common education issues, provide feedback on the development, implementation and evaluation of interprofessional learning opportunities, plan interprofessional student events, and contribute to the advancement of Interprofessional Education (IPE) at UBC.

2022 Nafeel Ahmed VFMP
2021  Tori Spangehl VFMP
2023 Sarah Lim VFMP


Research and Teacher Assessment

Research Committee

The Research Committee has various responsibilities falling under the overarching goal to fulfill the FoM’s research directives. This includes deciding which faculty members win certain awards, which projects get UBC funding, and how to achieve other research directives. 

2023 Allan Fong VFMP

Learner Access Advisory Council

This council will advise the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education on access to UBC MD undergraduate students for the purposes of recruitment into research and non-programmatic studies. The mandate of the LAAC includes reviewing received requests and recommending which to forward to MD student learners (see attached Terms of Reference). The LAAC supports the Faculty of Medicine’s commitment to advancing research and scholarship as part of its mission, while at the same time ensuring that our learners are not overly burdened by non-programmatic emails and requests.

2022 Grace Zheng VFMP

Teacher Support Advisory Council

The purpose of this advisory council is to advise the Director of Teacher Assessment on matters related to support and assessment of teachers, including the implementation of the Teacher Assessment Policy. The student representative’s role is to provide the student’s perspective and ideas for how to better provide teacher assessments through one45 and to highlight any potential gaps in the current process for the learner, as well as how to best use this information to improve the medical education we receive.

2024 Micheline Metzner VFMP
2022 Radu Pasca IMP
2021 Nazde Edeer VFMP



MD Admissions Subcommittee

Consider and select applicants for interview, offer, and ultimately admission to the MD Undergraduate Program, in accordance with UBC and Faculty of Medicine admissions policies and the Faculty of Medicine’s social responsibility mandate. The MD Admissions Selection Subcommittee is a collection of individuals with vested interests in the equitable and diverse selection of future UBC medical student cohorts. This team collaborates to manage the process of MD Admissions following submission of applications in a particular matriculation cycle.

2022 Kristin Vesely VFMP
2023 Remi Kandal SMP


Northern and Rural MD Admissions Subcommittee

This committee recommends to the MD Admissions Subcommittee qualified applicants who are suitable for the local context of learning in northern and rural areas for interview and offer of admission to the MD Program, up to a maximum of 32 for the NMP, 10 for rural placements in the SMP, and 2 for rural placements in the IMP, in accordance with UBC and Faculty of Medicine admissions policies and the Faculty of Medicine’s social responsibility mandate.

2022 Caitlin Blewett NMP
2023 Erin Slade NMP
2021 Madelaine Beckett IMP
2021 Lebo Kolisang SMP


MD Admissions Diversity Task Force

The Task Force informs the MD Admissions Committee of barriers preventing successful admission to medical school, which may be related to ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, or other factors. The Task Force works with the Admissions Committee to help address these barriers.

2024 Lisa Renaud SMP
2023 Gbolahan Olarewaju VFMP
2022 Allison Jussila IMP
2022 Aria Jazdarehee VFMP
2022 Jari Ullah VFMP
2022 Mark Cornett SMP
2021 Bonnie He VFMP


COVID-19 Task Forces

MEDD411 Covid-19 Implementation Task Force

The Task Force is a temporary committee, composed of 5 subcommittees, with the task of implementing MEDD411 for Fall 2020. Due to the urgent and temporary nature of this committee, 4 MEC representatives who sit on other related committees have been selected to also sit on 4 of the Task Force subcommittees. 

Orientation Activities Brittany Calibaba IMP 2023
Clinical Skills Salina Kung VFMP 2023
Family Practice Leilynaz Malekafzali VFMP 2023
Assessment Delivery Sara Choi VFMP 2023


MEDD411/421/FLEX COVID Working Group

Determines the operational details of all things term 1 in years 1 and 2. Major decisions made here are forwarded to the COVID Implementation Task Force for approval.

2024 Giordano Corlazzoli VFMP
2024 Katerina Schwab VFMP
2023 Salina Kung VFMP


MEDD412/422/FLEX COVID Working Group

Determines the operational details of all things term 2 in years 1 and 2. Major decisions made here are forwarded to the COVID Implementation Task Force for approval.

2024 Katerina Schwab VFMP
2024 Karanpreet Dhillon VFMP



Last updated: February 2021