Caffeinate a Resident: Resident Sign-Up

Interested in mentoring a medical student (or two) and getting some free coffee? Sign up for Caffeinate a Resident! The UBC Medical Undergraduate Society is excited to host Caffeinate a Resident, an opportunity for medical undergraduate students to take UBC resident doctors out for coffee to learn a bit about your residency programs. This is an amazing opportunity for residents to show off their specialty, to help medical students learn more about their career opportunities, and to get a free cup of coffee! We’ll be matching residents and medical students based on their interests, and the two (or more – up to 3 medical students may be matched) of you will work out a time to meet so that they can buy you some coffee and soak up your wisdom.

Given the recent pandemic, we do ask all participants of this event to respect any up-to-date safety guidelines and social distancing protocols. We will leave it up to the participants’ discretion whether in-person, zoom or phone calls work best for them!

Sign-up will be open until November 8th, and matches will be made with students and residents that have the same interests. If you don’t hear back yet, don’t worry! We’re just finding the perfect match.